Security Warnings

Internet financial security guidelines, may or may not show your browser, that this web site, MIDI247, is or is not secure.
Your browser may advise you that; Information submitted, like passwords, messages, credit cards, etc., could be viewed by others.  (could = might, may perhaps, may possibly)

Don't Panic. What is the worst thing that can happen at BandTrax/MIDI247? Besides nothing!

a. Your password, (the one that allows YOU an extra discount as an Elite Member), could be viewed by others. As a BandTrax/MIDI247 Elite Member, it can't be used or benefited by anyone but you. We have a security certificate so apparently you're safe. Even if your password could be used by someone else, they would need a credit card, and then the files would be sent to the password holder ... you. This means that YOU get the files, the 'crook' used someone's credit card and the payment gateway authorised it.

b. BandTrax/MIDI247 do not have a messaging service. If someone could view that, best of luck.

c. Your credit card details are NOT on, or collected by BandTrax/MIDI247. They are provided, by you, to a financial gateway (National Australia Bank, PayPal, Credit Card Provider). These financial gateways have their own security certificates and implementations that are NOT part of BandTrax/MIDI247. If someone could view those details, they got into and bypassed some of the most secure systems ever.

d. BandTrax/MIDI247 do not have an etc. Best of luck viewing that.

Any transaction between you and your financial institution is strictly between you and that financial institution. BandTrax/MIDI247 developed the web site to operate this way for a reason. BandTrax/MIDI247 DO NOT want to see or record your private financial details. The only details recorded when you place an order are your name, address, contact phone, email and IP address (we are required to do so by law).
BandTrax/MIDI247 DO NOT see, know, or have access to any of your personal financial details. Those details are strictly between you and your chosen financial method.

If there is a failure to receive your order by the method YOU requested, this may be due to security levels/settings way out of our control. All you need do is politely advise us here, and we will re-send. However, if you wish to be a keyboard warrior by sending abuse and making social media threats, we will all have a bit of a laugh and consider you lower than blue-green algae in a stagnant pond.

Privacy Laws restrict access to your personal details outside of direct business agreement operations between yourself and the business operator or representative of that business. We have always operated under those guidelines so nothing has changed for us and our clients. Any information provided is private and kept on isolated secure systems. This information is only used for processing your order, to administer accounting and to notify you of new releases or special offers. We do not trade in personal information. The only way we have of contacting you, is by you providing us those limited details. Laws also restrict to who and where your details may be made available.

Your chosen financial gateway will ask for your account details, or your credit card number, CVV number, expiration date, card holder's name and your email address. We DO NOT have access to those gateway details, at this stage you are now with your chosen gateway, NOT BandTrax/MIDI247.

Governments and law enforcement can access ALL details.

Current browsers will show the security of a web site in the address bar. You will see a lock or/and the word secure. Be aware that not ALL browsers support this.

What we've found;



Internet Explorer 11 Lock on right hand side of address bar
Google Chrome 67.0.3396.99 Lock & Secure on left hand side of address bar
Microsoft Edge Lock on left hand side of address bar
Firefox 61.0.1 Lock on left hand side of address bar
Opera 54.0 Lock on left hand side of address bar
Avast 67.0.640.99 Lock & Secure on left hand side of address bar
Vivaldi Lock on left hand side of address bar
Maxthon Nothing
Avant Nothing
SeaMonkey Nothing

Lock on left hand side of address bar

If you are using the above browsers, they will, or will not, advise you accordingly.

Government departments, NGO's, banks, holiday ticket suppliers, energy providers, phone companies, vehicle providers, credit card providers, Ebay, PayPal, Social Media, and many others know much more about you than BandTrax/MIDI247 ever want to know. If you are really paranoid, or have the need to hide, use the Opera Browser. It will allow you to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) "With a VPN, you always remain secure and anonymous on the Internet." And be afraid ... very afraid.

So, how does 'credit card fraud', 'identity theft' and 'blackmail' work on the internet? It is very easy to do. You need to think outside of the box, think logically and be a crook. As a bonus, people will allow themselves to cheat on their partners or employers, expose themselves on Social Networks, etc. Just the things crooks love. If you're still not sure about this, Google it.
BandTrax/MIDI247 have been doing this PROPERLY for more than 20 years, yet now we need to pay someone LARGE sums of money to get a 'security certificate' to prove we're not crooks. Google will then assume we're genuine.

How does that work Mr Google?