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HTERL50 50 Most Used Early Rock Legends MIDIfiles Early Rock Legends 50 Most Used MIDIfiles - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HTBHCR50 50 Most Used Buddy Holly and Cliff Richard MIDIfiles Buddy Holly and Cliff Richard 50 Most Used MIDIfiles - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HT1HW50 50 Most Used One Hit Wonders MIDIfiles One Hit Wonders 50 Most Used - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HTCROONERS50 50 Most Used Crooners MIDIfiles Crooners 50 Most Used - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HTBEATLES50 50 Most Used Beatles MIDIfiles Beatles 50 Most Used - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HTELVIS50 50 Most Used Elvis Presley MIDIfiles Elvis Presley 50 Most Used - HotTrax 50 Compilation
HTTop50 Top 50 MIDIfiles Ever Various Top 50 - HotTrax Top 50 Compilation
HTTop25 Top 25 MIDIfiles Ever Various Top 25 - HotTrax Top 25 Compilation
HTTop10 Top 10 MIDIfiles Ever Various Top 10 - HotTrax Top 10 Compilation
KARMR5732 You're My Everything Santa Esmeralda 6.10
KARMR5725 When The Stars Go Blue Corrs, The 3.45
KARMR5726 WhenTthe Stars Go Blue Ryan Adams 4.11
KARMR5727 When You Love A Woman Journey 3.43
KARMR5728 Wicked Dream Elton John 4.46
KARMR5729 Wonders Never Cease Morcheeba 3.22
KARMR5730 Yes Sir I Can Boogie Baccara 4.44
KARMR5731 You Mean Everything To Me Neil Sedaka 2.40
KARMR5719 We Don't Need Another Hero Tina Turner 4.19
KARMR5720 We Got Married Paul McCartney 4.57
KARMR5721 What Can I Do (Album Version) Corrs, The 4.09
KARMR5722 What Can I Do (Remix) Corrs, The 4.12
KARMR5723 What Happens Tomorrow Duran Duran 4.19
KARMR5724 What's Your Name Lynyrd Skynyrd 4.14
KARMR5713 Think For Yourself Beatles, The 2.24
KARMR5714 This Is Not America David Bowie 3.45
KARMR5715 Tiny Dancer Elton John 6.13
KARMR5716 Trashy Women Confederate Railroad 3.22
KARMR5717 Valerie Steve Winwood 4.12
KARMR5718 Wake Up Hilary Duff 3.42
KARMR5707 Take Me To The Pilot Elton John 4.05
KARMR5708 The Closest Thing To Crazy Katie Melua 4.18
KARMR5709 The Edge Of Glory Lady Gaga 4.28
KARMR5710 The Flame (Original with Fade Out) Cheap Tricks 5.16
KARMR5711 The Power Of Love Jennifer Rush 4.43
KARMR5712 The Show Lenka 4.01
KARMR5699 Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves Eurythmics 5.00
KARMR5701 Sober Jennifer Paige 4.02
KARMR5702 Social Disease Elton John 3.49
KARMR5703 Somebody's Gonna Love You Lee Greenwood 4.25
KARMR5704 Someone Saved My Life Tonight Elton John 6.52
KARMR5705 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Eurythmics 3.52
KARMR5706 Sweet Love Anita Baker 4.21
KARMR5693 Sailing (Original) Rod Stewart 4.33
KARMR5694 Same Mistake James Blunt 5.00
KARMR5695 She Walks This Earth Sting 4.53
KARMR5696 Sheila Tommy Roe 2.08
KARMR5697 Show And Tell Al Wilson 3.43
KARMR5698 Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd 6.32
KARMR5691 Rome Wasn't Built In A Day Morcheeba 3.51
KARMR5692 Sailing Christopher Cross 4.31
KARMR5685 Queen Of Memphis Confederate Railroad 3.22
KARMR5686 Reaching Out Bee Gees, The 4.22
KARMR5687 Replay Lyaz 3.12
KARMR5688 Replay Lyaz 3.12
KARMR5689 Ring On Her Finger And Time On Her Hands Lee Greenwood 4.03
KARMR5690 River Of Dreams Billy Joel 4.13
KARMR5679 Ordinary World Duran Duran 5.12
KARMR5680 Our Love (Original with Fade Out) Matt Bianco 4.29
KARMR5681 Outside George Michael 5.02
KARMR5682 Outsider Cliff Richard 2.50
KARMR5683 Paying The Price Of Love (Original with Fade Out) Bee Gees, The 4.13
KARMR5684 Please (Live) Elton John 4.00
KARMR5672 New Train John Prine 3.21
KARMR5673 Nice Duran Duran 3.35
KARMR5674 Nightshift Commodores, The 4.38
KARMR5675 Norwegian Wood Beatles, The 2.14
KARMR5676 Nutbush City Limits Ike & Tina Turner 3.05
KARMR5677 Only The Young Journey 4.05
KARMR5678 Ooh Baby Baby Smokey Robinson 2.52
KARMR5666 More Than I Can Bear Matt Bianco 4.13
KARMR5667 My Girl Chilliwack 3.57
KARMR5668 My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne 4.02
KARMR5669 My Lover's Gone Dido 4.11
KARMR5670 Need You Tonight INXS 3.12
KARMR5671 New Song Howard Jones 4.17
KARMR5660 Lucky (feat Colbie Caillat) Jason Mraz 3.15
KARMR5661 Mad About You Hooverphonic 3.49
KARMR5662 Made In England Elton John 4.35
KARMR5663 Madman Across The Water Elton John 6.24
KARMR5664 Maria (Original with Fade Out) Blondie 4.04
KARMR5665 Mistaken Identity Delta Goodrem 4.00
KARMR5653 Learn To Be Still Eagles, The 4.21
KARMR5654 Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot Sting 5.52
KARMR5655 Levon Elton John 5.10
KARMR5656 Little In The Middle Milow 3.02
KARMR5657 Live Like Horses Elton John 5.00
KARMR5658 Losing Grip Avril Lavigne 3.53
KARMR5659 Love And Pride Paul King 3.32
KARMR5648 I'm Still Standing Elton John 3.15
KARMR5649 It's Cold Outside Big House 3.38



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