Cautionary Advice

If YOU read, glance at, interpret, look at, comprehend, set eyes on, observe, envisage, or refer to something, anything or nothing on the next or subsequent pages, it is deemed to be exactly a choice made by yourself and you only, with no other party or person, living or dead having manipulated, persuaded or influenced your own guided choice.
If YOU offend easily or believe something may or will hurt your feelings, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.
If YOU belong to any rights or libertarian lobby group or organisation be it human, animal, tolerant, open-minded, democratic, liberal or imagined, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER
If YOU believe that YOU don't have a fucking sense of humour anymore and it's literally just sarcasm, together with a general hate for the majority of the human population, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER
If YOU feel that YOU have some right to present corrections, adjustments, rectifications or amendments, alterations or revisions to the following works based exclusively on your faith, conviction, principles, beliefs, viewpoint, thinking, way of life, attitude, confidence or values DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.
If YOU have an opinion, position or point of view on any issue, subject or matter that  requires your voice to be heard, or find the mention or suggestion about matters of sexuality, gender, appearance, race, ethnicity, tribes, minority groups, alternative lifestyles, underground organizations, religion, or anything, be-it matter, material, topic, issue, or theme that may be considered  taboo, unthinkable, outlawed, unmentionable or proscribed in your country, nation, kingdom, town, territory, state, place of birth or residence, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.
If YOU are stupid, unintelligent, thick, slow, brainless, foolish, bigoted, prejudiced, opinionated, narrow-minded, badly informed, impolite, inconsiderate, racist, xenophobic, chauvinistic, homophobic, hypersensitive, touchy, insensitive, tactless, uncaring and/or intolerant, small minded or fanatical DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.



But ... if you do wish to continue, you will agree with the following.

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YOU will abide by Constitutional Laws (Australian Citizen)
YOU will abide by Common Law Rights (Australian Citizen)
You will abide by the laws of your Nation/Country/Territory/Kingdom
YOU will not hold the site owners, ISP's or any person responsible for any content viewed.
YOU believe that you are mentally mature with all subject matters.
YOU believe that you are a fair and reasonable human.
You are not under any conditions or restrictions, be they personal, alcohol or drug related.

I've Read It All. Let Me In.